About the Artist

Amika was born in the Netherlands but raised with 2 cultures. The Western world and Asian world still influences her until today. At only 15 years old she went to study Graphic Design where she learned her ‘projects’ were too conceptual for the commercial world. She was referred to try Art School.
Drawn by the small classes and the disciplinary teachings she went to study Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts & Design in s’-Hertogenbosch. Photography, Painting, Ceramics she tried it all but like always was drawn to the mystery of visualizing words. Always a poet, she found herself drawn to Performance art to express herself.
Since finishing school. Amika traveled here and there and found herself lost and found. Moving to Canada was a big step, starting fresh but so far no regrets.

Amika Verwegen  2014

2014 – ‘Under Mother Wear Bear’ for STRUTT Wearable Art runway show, St Catharines, Canada
2012 – Performance ‘Untitled’ NAC presents The KREWE KOMPRESSOR, St Catharines, Canada 2012 – Performance ‘Stand On Me’ In the Soil Arts festival , St Catharines, Canada
2010 – Exhibition ‘Art under Glass’ Strega Cafe, St Catharines, Canada
2009 – Moved to St Catharines, ON Canada from the Netherlands
2008 – Model for a marble sculpture : AV with Knife and rpg 7 by the artist Thom Puckey
2008 – Group Exhibition, ‘Bank onder de Kunst’ Gennep, the Netherlands

2002 -2006 Bachelor Fine Art AKV | St Joost, S’-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
1998 -2002 Graphic Design Grafisch Lyceum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands