2014 Summary

2014 in summary went by quicker then i would’ve imagined. Even though Wayland went out West for work for at least 10+ weeks, Summer and Fall went by so quick i really was amazed when we were having our first snowfall in November.
Visiting Holland again in Feb is definitely one of our favorite moments of 2014, the country was in bloom and ready for spring while back in Canada there was still endless days of snow it was nice to be able to jump out. This year marked my 5 year living in Canada anniversary, i can’t believe in the short amount of years i have accomplished a beautiful family. I finally got my G1 license and am busy driving whenever the opportunity rises. We got lots of Couchsurfers to stay with us  through out the entire year which was lots of fun. The girls both grew in size and in life and Wayland and I both enjoy every moment of them. Here a small sample of our wallpaper of 2014:

live simply, love greatly 2014 family

live simply, love greatly 2014 family

I’m a full time stay at home mom and have been trying to do little bits of art whenever the opportunity rises and was very excited to be a part of the annual “Strutt Wearable Art runway show” in 2014. Even more exciting was that not only i designed & made my outift, I performed it with my little girl on stage.

Under Mother Wear Bear by Amika Verwegen

Under Mother Wear Bear by Amika Verwegen


Strutt Wearabale Art

Tonight is the night! http://struttwearableartshow.ca/

Nova and i went to the big rehearsal yesterdaynight and she was so in awe with it all. She talked about it all night <3 I can see a little performer in her.

I have to dip my toes in some more confidence-mode, .. 🙂

Tonight we will perform Under Mother Wear Bear

Every Sunday

We try to go for a walk every Sunday. This is from a while back when the trees were turning their colors and the ivy on the tree was turning red. Right now the trees are bare and the cold cold wind is coming.